Group Medical

A company's benefit package represents a significant investment in its employees. Our goal is to assist our clients and their employees to locate, design, and implement a benefits package that meets their needs and budget.


Many types of ancillary insurance coverage can protect your employees and their loved ones from extreme financial hardship. Some of these types of coverage such as Life Insurance, Disability Insurance (STD/LTD), AD&D, and Dental Insurance.

Section 125 Plans

Today's record-high costs for benefits are making it more expensive than ever for employers to provide quality benefits for their employees. Mutual Group Benefits helps by implementing innovative and cost-effective benefits management tool: Section 125 of the Internal Revenue Code.

Client Services

We differentiate ourselves with outstanding customer service. Our goal is to assist you and your employees to locate, design, and implement your benefits package. Our staff is committed to making sure everything works as smoothly as possible; and in the event it doesn't, we are there to correct any service, billing, or enrollment issues.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to design, implement and service innovative employee benefit solutions.

A New Direction

We believe it's time for a new direction in employee benefits. Starting with accountability, we help people take ownership of the everyday decisions that impact their health. We focus on helping employees understand and appreciate their benefits package while educating the on the tools to best utilize the benefits they have available.